Cindy and Pallaso managers fall out,accuse each other of witchcraft.

News from our enewsug corps reveal that singer Pallaso and Cindy managers are currently brewing bad blood.The feud erupted between producer prince Izo and Kaysam when Kaysam left Izos studio(karma records) and established his own in a few meters from Izos.The move immediately swung the two into logger heads as Izo blamed Kaysam for trying to steal his customers and a clientele he had built over time.

Upon the split things didn’t seem to be so rosy for Kaysam as he had anticipated,this led him to seek spiritual insight from where he was revealed to that his arch nemesis producer Izo was the one behind it all.The sworn enemies also brought a local bar(name withheld) to a stand still when they happened to have collided and exchanged couples of fists that left Kaysam seriously wounded, attributes our source.We therefore as the enewsug desk would advice that the battle be taken to professional level,let the work separate the king from the joker.May the best team win!

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