By Joy Lydia

So the 77 days of glory came and set Uganda skies on fire! The gospel crusade that has been running for  duration of 170 days now has made the Rubaga based miracle center  cathedral church the most sought after church in Uganda as most think it somewhat of magic scheme and undermine the role of the holy spirit. It has in addition  also put channel 44 on the map as the most watch television station in Uganda now. Owing to the fact that the station is getting overwhelming  viewership hence publicity, some artists and socialites whose careers had been dead and buried  thought it wise to seek advantage of the situation.

Rumor reaching the Enews Uganda desk is that some of these personalities (we prefer not to mention)were actually looking for quick breakthroughs  and shots at the limelight again .Word on the street also has it that they are some of these who have been spotted getting born again not once but at various occasions and in different gathering.Others have gone a head to publish songs that are not anything next to preaching the gospel of the risen Christ leaving us wondering Would it be true salvation or publicity stunt? Either way to God be the glory.

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